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* As part of our policy it is our duty to ensure that all children are kept safe under our supervision. In order to adhere to this, all coaches will be DBS checked and will possess a child protection and safeguarding certificate. If there are any safeguarding concerns regards to your children, any other child or a member of staff it is imperative that this is reported to the company either via email, phone call or one of the members of staff on site. * The more than sport team recognise the importance of safeguarding and will ensure that this is obliged to at each venue. In the event that any volunteers or additional staff are put into place for any reason we will ensure that these procedures are also put into effect as part of our policy.


* As part of our policy to ensure our company is covid 19 friendly, all staff will be required to take a lateral flow test 24 hours before delivering or taking part in any session whether vaccinated or not. * Equipment will also be cleaned deeply and the equipment that is used from one session to another will be differentiated in an attempt to decrease the amount of contact and people touching the equipment.